Aamir Khan Wears a skirt-Khan’s Style is, as Always, Above Reproach!

Aamir Khan Wears a skirt-Khan’s Style is, as Always, Above Reproach!

Man in skirt sounds really funny. But when a Bollywood khan wears it, it becomes above reproach and a style statement as well. Yes these days a style statement that is becoming popular, which is as a rule a feminine garment. It is being wore as a symbol of shore up to a woman’s right to be dressed in whatever she wants, be real who she is, put into effect her rights, and be secure in her city.
The actor Aamir Khan, who is nowadays shooting for Rajkumar Hirani’s latest upcoming movie called P.K. in Rajasthan, was speckled wearing a girls skirt along with a blazer for the period of the film shoot.

The photographers around have clicked the actor on the situate of the movie P.K. wearing a yellow color ghaghara. It gives the impression of being funny as the artist teamed up this yellow color skirt with a men’s blazer.

Aamir seem to be very funny as well as entertaining in his outfit with a transistor in addition to the ill fitting black color shoes finishing his look.

What we akin to was the casual, likely, almost-normal mode in which Aamir paces along wearing this maxi-skirt. It gives the impression of being similar to a Masaba Gupta design, but could also be a gypsy skirt from whichever Lambada wardrobe. The brilliant sunny yellow with the pink color border and the munificent pleats give it a gal style. Possibly we would not prefer the buttoned-up shirt along with pale jacket, or those shoes, but if anybody can carry this one off with flair, it is Aamir Khan. Also it leaves us questioning what this movie is all on the subject of!

The actor Aamir Khan who started on shooting for his latest film P.K. in Rajasthan also took his wife named Kiran as well as his son Azad along with himself.

Aamir Khan has a 45 days shooting program lined up in Rajasthan also he couldn’t have enough time to spend that lengthy apart from his family. So he determined to take them all along with him, held from a source.

This film is directed by Rajkumar Hirani and its co-starring Anushka Sharma too.

Well we like Aamir’s this new fashion statement. What about you?

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