David Beckham Slick Back Undercut Hairstyle

We know that David Beckham can carry any hairstyle and one of these are his Slick back undercut hairstyle, the haircut combines class, sophistication, elegance and contemporary man’s look. He wore his latest hairstyle as slick back undercut during game. With fans all around the world Beckham is not only an athlete but a celebrity (because of his looks and style), whose style is followed by his millions of fans.

Under cut slick back is the hairstyle in which side hair of head are cropped and centre hair are slick back.

Check out how this heart throb is carrying this hairstyle for more than a year now with few variations.(Sometimes slick back and sometimes a prominent quiff.)

david beckham new hairstyle and beard

david beckham new hairstyle and beard a

david beckham new hairstyle and beard b


The recent look published in H&M making his staying at the top of the list of hair icons. “2015 men hair trends are taking the barbering styles and wearing them longer and messier. Beckham does that with medium hair on top styled back but not slick and with a tiny bit of side part. The sides and back are cut short but not shaved all the way down in an undercut.”


Married to Victoria Beckham former singer and now running her designer label makes the two of them style icons. David Beckham has most recently signed a five month contract with Paris Saint Germain at the end of January this year. He has also been appointed global ambassador by the Chinese Football Association.


David Beckham Side Part Hair

David Beckham Quiff

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