Lip Balm Recipe With Olive Oil:

Lip Balm Recipe With Olive Oil:
Lip balms are always ready to lend a hand when we have dry and chapped lips. They heal dry chapped lips faster than anything else.
Homemade herbal lip balms are as same as lip balms that are sold in the market in effectiveness. Homemade herbal lip balms are:
• Free of chemicals
• Help prevent lips from discoloring
• Help them regain their pink tone
• Make lips soft and beautiful.
Here is a quick and easy homemade recipe for a lip balm made with olive oil that is also known as miracle oil. It will provide lips with a protective layer and make them soft and shiny.
• 4 oz of olive butter
• 3 oz of olive oil
• 3 oz of beeswax
• 2 oz of cocoa butter
• 6-8 drops of Vitamin E
• 6-8 drops rosemary oil extract
• half tsp each of ginger and grapefruit essential oil
• Melt the beeswax on a very low flame.
• Now add cocoa and olive butter in it and let it melt.
• Keep stirring.
• Now add olive and vitamin E oil.
• Heat the mixture it thoroughly.
• When it turns into liquid completely remove from flame.
• Pour it gently into lip balm bottle/container.
• Now add the drops of rosemary and ginger and grapefruit essentials oils. Olive oil homemade lip balm is ready to use.

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