Trend of nail colors 2014

Nail colors and nail art trends for spring summer 2014

Decorating nails is a necessity of women fashion as clothing and shoes. Style Den is keeping you update about nail  colours and nail design trends for two years now. Here, in this post, you will find a complete doze of fashion nail colors 2014

nail polish colours 2014

One short cut to remember 2014 nail color and nail designs trend is less is more. Apply less colour, don’t cover the whole nail. There are some trends for nails which are always in fashion like leopard print, floral print nail designs and polka dots nail designs. We will not discus these here in detail. Lets see what new nail colour trend are here.

There are some nail colors from 2013 for spring summer 2014 or for the whole year, these are white, nudes, black,  Aqua silver and orange.

Two Colour Three Colour Half Moon nail designs

Half moon nail color trend was the trend of 2013 but this year this trend in with two colors. Last year we have seen half moon colour with half blank nail but this year designers are evolving from one colour half moon manicure to two colours half moon manicure. One colour to make the half moon and other colour to cover the rest of the nail.

1 Chevron, lines, stripes and blocks nail designs

The most seen nail art designs at the end of this year and pridicted as the prominent trend of 2014 is the geometric patterns in nail designs like chevrons, lines and stripes. In the fashion shows for 2014 these patterns are designer’s favourite plus these are easy nail art ideas for us and specially for beginners.

2 Half nail tip colours/ Floating Nail Art

Another trend for nail colors and designs for 2014 is to color just the tips of the nails, it is glamorous, bold, contemporary, easy and saves time. Nail tips color are seen in OPI’s new nail designs trend by OPI nail artist. You can say it is an innovation in French manicure, good to have a new style of French manicure. It is actually half of the tip which is enamelled with nail polish color.

floating nail design 2014, half nail tip color trend

Try the floating nail design with a side stripe. these are very simple nail art ideas but hot and in trend.

3 3D Nail Designs 2014

3 dimensions nail art was usually loved by women who like bold and strong nail designs but for the year 2014 3D nail add ons are in for every girl. Nail jewellery and fimo nail art also fall in the category of 3D nail art. Nail jewellery trend 2014 is hot.

4 Omber color nail designs

Omber colors are very beautiful combination to wear in dress or nails, good news for omber colors fans is it is hottest nail trend for 2014. It looks like making omber nail art is difficult but if you use right technique you can make this nail art really easy. You can see the Omber nail art tutorial here

5 Glitter Stripes/lines

Glitter full nails were always hit but try stripes of glitter on nails. Less is more this year. Glitter is always glamorous for nails trying it with different patterns will make it more glamorous. Experimenting with different colours of this sparkling stuff will enhance the nail art more.

Nail Colours Trend for 2014

Off white Nail colour

Off white colour for nail polish is hot for 2014, instead of white go for a bit gold shade of whit this year. White is also in trend though but off white is stylist’s favourite for this year. You can try your French manicure with off white color.

off white nail polish trend 2014

Matte shades of warm colours

Warm colours like red, silver, yellow are in trend but in their matte shades. Try every colour but with matte shade. Matte red nail colour, matte red nail colour, matte silver nail colour, matte navy blue nail colours are more seen on the ramp for 2014 fashion shows.

Petrol-hued nail colour

Last year, aqua silver was hot nail color for women but this year go for a bit darker shade. Try Petrol hue nail colour. Petrol hue nails can easily be created with gel nail colours plus there are regular nail polish of these colors available in the market.

Metallic Gold Nail Colour Trend 2014

If you want to try metallic colour try metallic gold for your nail. combine it with black dress your nails will make a statement. Creamy and metallic colours are not so hit this year but gold colour for nails is pure metallic this year. Try gold colour foils for more metallic effect.

These are some of the nail colour fashion predicted by nail polish companies and famous designers, try these and stay one step ahead from people around you. But try the colours which suits you and enhance your personality. Trying other colors than these(mentioned in this post) will cause no harm to your style you can always go for the colours which go with your outfit and skin tone.

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